Don’t Be a Chicken – Keep Portland Green!

The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) – Portland Collaborative is excited about the coming together of so many professional groups in Portland around the issues of sustainable building and high-performance projects that we had to get involved. By our very name our focus is on collaborating to ensure a living future is available to all.

For years, I have facilitated the PDX Collaborative and I never really knew the members of other professional organizations as we worked independently, attempted to not double schedule events, and generally maintained our distance. One of Sustainable Building Week’s goals and legacies will be to break that model and create a new model of collaboration and connectivity. Addressing the diverse set of challenges that face our city, nation and planet will require all of us to develop a new level of collaboration.

By rolling up our sleeves to bring together a fun filled week of tours, educational events, parties, open houses and more we take the first step in building a coalition that is connected. My hope is that in the future when important issues come to a vote at a City Council Meeting or State Legislature we will be able to activate this coalition to write-in or vote for policies and laws that ensure a living future for all.

by Terry Campbell, ILFI Portland Collaborative Facilitator, Portland Sustainable Building Week Executive Committee Officer Note: Portland Sustainable Building week is run by three Executive Committee Officers with support from the 14 collaborating organizations.